Our Programs

Making Great Leaders

At the heart of the Ennis Britton Consulting Group is the Making Great Leaders program. Making Great Leaders is not a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development. Rather, our consultants use their expertise to customize this professional development program to meet the unique needs of each group and each individual. The program assists with:

  • Leadership training and professional development
  • Board development, team building and conflict resolution
  • Organizational management and human resource consultation
  • Administrative team building and conflict resolution
  • Strategic planning
  • Board and administrative retreats

EBC consultants assess learning styles, motives, and values and expertly craft solutions that organizational leaders can leverage to improve relationships and operations. As a result of the Making Great Leaders program, participants will:

  • Receive in-depth insights derived from well-researched feedback diagnostics
  • Be better able to meet the demands of effective organizational leadership in an educational or business setting
  • Make personal changes to enhance performance as leaders
  • Confidently make executive-level decisions that support organizational goals

The best way to understand Making Great Leaders is to experience it for yourself. Call us today to learn more.

School Transportation

EBC transportation consulting services include T-1 and T-2 training and audit reviews, routing consolidation studies, post-accident procedures, safety issues, special education considerations and help with any of the many technical issues involved in school transportation.

Our consultants bring more than 40 years of experience in school transportation services. We serve as a respected resource for Ohio’s public schools, legislators, and government officials in a number of key roles. We have been recognized for our expertise on the national level in the school bus industry regarding issues such as terrorism awareness, transportation funding, federal rulemaking, and safety issues. 

Email Pete Japikse to learn more.

School Construction Advisor/Owner’s Rep. Services

Managing the decision-making process is essential for the success of any large-scale school construction project. We know the challenges you will be facing. A school construction project advisor/owner’s rep serves as the school district’s expert counselor and consultant throughout the process of implementing facility improvement initiatives. We help you to proactively manage your projects from start to finish, ensuring that the district’s best interests are maintained throughout the project. Our Owner’s Rep team has the expertise and resources to help you make the best, most informed decisions that will lead to the results you want; while also helping you keep up with the demanding pace that is typical for large construction projects. We help you ensure that all the many different players on your design and construction team are working collaboratively to achieve superior project results that are delivered on time and within budget.